Waterloo Locksmiths Unit

Waterloo Locksmiths Unit has door installation and lock installation teams, arriving as fast as 15 to 20 minutes to your side. Call for help and one of our Waterloo Locksmiths Unit teams will come to you in minutes. We are here to serve you all 24/7!

Waterloo Locksmiths Unit

Waterloo Locksmiths Unit

Screens are great door protectors and provide access to natural air and sunlight. Screen frames are from different materials like light steel, aluminium, or wood. At times glass lites, springs, hinges, or handles may need replacement. 

Call for our team to help you with any door and lock!

An interior or exterior door can have some damage by moving furniture; children playing, or long and heavy use. Whether you are having problems opening the door or perhaps it has aged badly; sometimes it will be easier to replace the entire door as oppose to attempting a blemish repair. Although our professional will be able to by-pass a vertical deadbolt; most small-time burglars will not even try to mess with them.

Installing or up-grading door hardware is essential for its function and security. Common door hardware includes locks, pulls, hinges, doorknobs, and kick plates; and though installation procedures are generally consistent; the features of your door and hardware may affect the cost of installation. Installing hardware on a new door is usually not hard; though the type of hardware and level of preparation needed to fit it will help determine the difficulty of the job.

Installation of any hardware on a full door will require less time and effort; that removing a door to mount new hinges or drilling the door and jamb for a new deadbolt. Any door that leads into your house from the outside; whether through the garage, the back yard or the front yard; is an exterior door and needs a dead bolt.

It takes time and expense to repair, replace or maintain  doors ;for sufficient security, but by calling our team for a fast and affordable help; your efforts will result in the peace of mind that comes from a safe and secure home. Call Waterloo Locksmiths Unit for help all the 24 hours a day!