Urgent Locksmith New Hamburg

Urgent Locksmith New Hamburg makes sure all your doors and locks are in the best working order possible, when making a safety check tour. Our Urgent Locksmith New Hamburg has teams providing also regular maintenance to all doors and locks. You cam call Urgent Locksmith New Hamburg for any help with doors and locks, all 24/7!

Urgent Locksmith New Hamburg

Urgent Locksmith New Hamburg

many people have sliding door in their house. From time to time, they have to undergo regular maintenance. If you want to do it yourself, we give you some tips in he following paragraphs. But if you want special help from teams with special training, call for our team to help.

Call us all 24/7 for help with any door.

Take down the door and have it safe on a flat surface. Be sure to only put tape on the outer edge of the frame so you can remove the spline; (the rubber gasket that holds the screen in place); and the screen netting along the inner edge. Use a screwdriver to help release the plastic, rubbery spline that holds the screen in the metal frame.

Remove all of the spline along the inside of the frame. At this point, you should be able to use the screwdriver to pry one corner; of the screen netting out and grasp onto it tightly. Give it a tug, and pull along the edges of the screen where it meets the frame—the screen netting should come out rather easily. Follow along all four edges to remove the entire screen netting. Lay the new screen over the metal frame evenly. Trim it  just to be safe.

Next, complete the process you just did, but backwards. Make sure the screen is flat and even before you move on. There should be no kinks or folds. It is more important that the screen is installed flat and evenly. Only start with that one corner; as the spline will help hold it tightly in place in the next step.  Put the new spline in place on top of the screen, and begin to roll and push the spline into place in the screen frame.Trim the spline and tuck it inside that last corner of the frame with the screwdriver. Take the box cutter or utility knife and cut the screen netting along the edge of the frame, just on the outside edge of the plastic spline you just installed. Be sure to cut on the outer edge and not the inner.

Replace the screen and screen frame back in place, the same as you removed it. It should be as good as new. Our Urgent Locksmith New Hamburg is always here for you, so call us for help with any door.