Urgent Locksmith Kitchener Help

Urgent Locksmith Kitchener Help can and will deal with any kind of door problem, for your home, work place or car, at any time you call for service. Call for our Urgent Locksmith Kitchener Help day or night. Our Urgent Locksmith Kitchener Help will always have one of us at your side in minutes.

Urgent Locksmith Kitchener Help

Urgent Locksmith Kitchener Help

Many doors get replaced, simply because the owner did not know how to trouble-shoot or make repairs.  Doors provide security, access control, and privacy. A door that refuses to open properly or will not stay closed is probably not serving its purpose very well. A lot of home owners are intimidated by doors. Here are some common issues doors have and ways to deal with them. If you start at the top and work your way down, you will probably find your problem.

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Check the Hinges. When hinges are loose or misaligned, doors tend to malfunction in a number of ways. But simply tightening hinges is often a fix for many common problems. Here are some indications:

  • Door drags along knob edge at the top
  • or Door drags along bottom edge at the corner below the knob
  • Door knob striker does not hit striker receiver correctly

It is best to use a hand held screwdriver when tightening door hardware of any kind; because stripped screw heads can cause even further issues. Check all screws in the edge of the door and in the hinge plates on the door jamb; and tighten them all. For screws that will not tighten or will not remain tight, replace them with a longer or thicker screw.

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Check the Knob and Striker .  The spring latch inside your knob is known as a striker. Also the striker pushes out and sets into the “striker plate” in the door jamb. If the striker is misaligned it may either be too high, too low; or if the door does not close fully, the striker may bind. Here are the indications for this happening:

  • Door closes, but pulls open without turning knob
  • or maybe the door will not fully close
  • Door will not stay closed

Position yourself so that the striker is at eye level. Mark the top and bottom of the striker with a pencil. This will show you whether the striker is high or low. Move the striker plate up or down as needed. Chisel out the jamb slightly to get a level fit. If the striker is aligned but not latching, move the plate out toward the front of the jamb.

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