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Urgent Locksmith Guelph

Urgent Locksmith Guelph

A swing door guard adds an extra layer of safety between you and the un-known outside your door. Much like door chain assemblies, swing door guards allow you to open the door slightly; without losing your sense of security. When you use a door chain assembly, an intruder can easily force his way into your home by snapping the chain with bolt-cutters. The solid metal design of the swing door guards is harder to break and nearly impossible to cut. Install a swing door guard to keep you and your family safe.

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Swing door adjustment mechanisms usually are on the top of the hinges on one side of the door and on the bottom side of the hinges on the opposite door. The adjustment procedure is the same. When your door’s hinges have an adjustment screw or hex head on top of the hinge; instead of a twisting mechanism; twist the screw or hex head to the left to tighten the door’s swinging action; and to the right to loosen it. Reverse the process if the screw or hex head is on the bottom of the hinge.

Position the bottom of the base attached to the large hinged loop side on the swing door guard on the horizontal line. Place the side of the base closest to the door on the 3/8-inch mark. Mark the screw holes opening in the base onto the door jamb. Create pilot holes at these marks with a 1/16-inch drill bit attached to a power drill. Place the base back onto the jamb. Insert the screws provided with the swing door guard though the screw holes in the base and into the pilot holes. Position the bottom of the base attached to the post side of the swing door guard along the horizontal line.

Make sure the edge of the base lines up with the mark on the door. Insert the screws through the holes in the base. Drive the screws into the door to secure the post side of the swing door guard to the back of the door.

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