Urgent Locksmith Caledonia

Urgent Locksmith Caledonia will check for damage on your doors, provide a safety check or a regular maintenance job when you call for us. Our service is available all 24/7, so call for our Urgent Locksmith Caledonia today. Our Urgent Locksmith Caledonia has fast teams, always on call.

Urgent Locksmith Caledonia

Urgent Locksmith Caledonia

If your door is properly maintained, then it should have even spacing all the way around. The door covers the opening to your garage; but there is still a small gap all the way around that is typically covered by weather stripping. This flexible rubber material flexes as the door opens and closes; and forms a seal between the door and the door frame; thus limiting the amount of air-flow in and out of the garage.

Our team can come and make sure your door is working well at all times.

Over time, this rubber can dry out and become brittle. Sometimes it is damaged and torn if it is hit by a car, bicycle, lawnmower; or something else. In order to maintain the efficiency of the door; damaged weather stripping should be replaced. Replacement weather stripping can be purchased at most hardware stores or home improvement stores. It usually comes in brown or white; which are the two most popular garage door colors.

The stripping comes factory attached to a plastic piece that can be nailed directly to your existing garage door frame. Begin by carefully removing the existing weather stripping. Use a hammer or a pry bar to pull out the nails. Take extra care to make sure that do not damage the door frame itself. Once the old weather stripping is completely removed, begin to attach the new. Start with the over-head piece, using a hand saw and a utility knife; to cut the new weather stripping to the correct length.

After the head piece is on, then you can install the side pieces. It is best to install the new weather stripping with the door in the closed position; that way you can visually check to see if the stripping is tight enough against the door; to prevent wind from swirling through.

Our Urgent Locksmith Caledonia dispatch can always send a team over to service your doors. Call us 24/7!