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Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener can install for your business or industrial place any kind of door, and even save you space in the process. If you want to hear more about our services, call for our Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener. Our dispatch is ready to send one of our Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener teams to you at all times.

Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener

Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Kitchener

Any business seeking to take full advantage of all available space, will happy to have a roll up door. This kind of door save space making it easier to use that space for something else. You may call for our team to help you install one on your business.

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It seems that there can be some confusion as to the difference between vertical lift doors and high lift doors. Some even use the terms interchangeably. Although many might assume that vertical lift doors and high lift doors are similar, they really are not.

There is one important difference between a vertical lift door and a high lift door. Vertical lift doors do not have curved portions of track; which means that the door function by sliding straight up into the wall. This key difference eliminates any visible tracks; and provides business owners the opportunity to maximize every available inch of space. High lift doors have a longer straight portion; of track between the top roller and the curved portion of track; which means that they do not allow for the freeing of every inch of storage space.

Many distribution places and warehouses seem to favor vertical lift doors; because of the space utilization properties they provide. Shelving, for example, can be stacked up high without any visible tracks in the way; and in that way maximizing storage space. Another great benefit is that high-profile vehicles can be lifted to head height; or greater using a floor jack because there are no visible tracks. They also make ideal dock doors.

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Since vertical lift doors have no visible tracks inside the garage or storage area; they can be an ideal complement for just about any business; no matter how large or how small, that is seeking to maximize and utilize; every single amount of available space. The design of the doors is also a very attractive and important feature to some business.

The vertical lift doors are designed without torsion springs being used. Torsion springs are often known to break; which can require costly and recurring repairs. Rather than using torsion springs; the vertical lift doors feature a simple counter weight design which is a very reliable; tried and true technology that has been used for many, many years.

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