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Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Ayr Help

Urgent 24 Hour Locksmith Ayr Help

Because a storm door is used so often, the storm door latch can stop working properly; making it hard to open and close the door. Fortunately, the latch can be repaired rather than having to be replaced most of the time.

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If your storm door hinges have come loose, that could account for your storm door latch not working properly.  Loose hinges will push the door out; resulting in a latch that does not match up any more with the strike plate. Make sure that the screws that are securing the hinges are tight.  If they are loose, tighten them.

The strike plate is where the door latches to stay shut.  It is a metal plate that is attached to the door frame with a hole dug out of the center for the latch to sit in. Sometimes the screws securing the strike plate can become lose; causing the door to not latch properly. If this is the case, tightening the lose screws should make the door latch properly. If the wood from the door frame sits higher in the strike plate opening that the actual strike plate itself; this could also cause the door not to close properly.  You can use a hand chisel to knock out the extra wood, but a much easier solution; is to use a drill to grind down the exposed wood. Once the excess wood has been removed, the storm door should latch properly.

If grinding down the exposed wood did not work, you may have to move the strike plate up or down; so the door will latch properly. Close the door slowly, paying attention to the latch.  Over time, the wood on a door frame can warp, stopping the door from latching correctly. If this is the case, you may have to replace the door frame.

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