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Accessing or securing a vehicle used to be a chore. But thanks to advanced technology, you no longer have to approach your ride and manually unlock or close doors. With a click of a button, you are able to perform these tasks without even thinking about them. But if you need an auto key transponder Burlington ON because your remote has jammed, is broken or lost, we can help you access your auto.


We are specialized in making, repairing or replacing car key transponder when our customers need this service. It is not necessary to turn to your vehicle manufacturer or dealer for this service. Our area technicians will be glad to drive up to your location to do this job for you.

In addition to the convenience we provide to you, by being able to respond quickly when you are in need, we also save you money. We have a huge stock of cheap transponder keys that work just like your originals did. What is more, these gadgets will serve you for a long time. To make it even more convenient for you, we also program your device on the same call. We are truly a one-stop shop that customers find convenient in meeting their accessibility challenges. Transponder Keys Burlington


It isn’t necessary to visit your big box retailer or your auto company for lost transponder key cutting services. This is something that can be done in your driveway if you know who to call. In case you need this done fast and at an odd hour you are out of luck if you decide to go with your dealership. But you shouldn’t wait for the next business day to get the problem solved. We are available and always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

That makes us your best bet when you need help cutting keys or programming transponder key Burlington ON. We not only respond faster and at any time, we also do the job quickly so that you can gain access to your automobile. We understand how inconvenient not having a vehicle is. That is why we don’t keep you waiting. Onboard our service vans we have all the necessary tools to cut, repair or replace keys. We will offer this service at your home, job or on the road.


Another and more common problem for older models is the need for replacement car keys. If this is something that you are grappling with, worry about it no more. You shouldn’t even consider such expensive alternatives like getting one made at your local dealership. Instead, our technicians will make you some cheaply and conveniently.

How would life be like without remotes? This is one technological discovery that has made doing things easier and faster. Particularly for drivers having a remote to conveniently access and secure your vehicle from a distance is nice. But if your transponder key isn’t working because of defective chip or some other mechanical problems, Transponder Keys Burlington can help you.

Just like we cut keys on location, we have a lot of remotes that we can easily program for your type of vehicle. For this and other services, we charge only a modest fee that you will find affordable. Do you want to change locks for your auto but don’t think you can afford it? We can do car rekey with a few easy and quick steps. Rekeying is not only cheaper, it is a cost-effective way of securing your Automotive.