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Time is in short supply these days and you can’t do without your Automotive operating. But this will be the outcome if you have car ignition lock issues. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you or derail your plans. Thornhill Auto Locksmith stands ready to assist you when you have this problem. To provide you with speedy services, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Do you have a car locked out? Has this resulted from you losing your keys or is it that you have locked them inside the Thornhill Auto LocksmithAutomotive? Whatever the cause of your issue, we have the skills as well as the tools to get you back on the road. Should you need a new set made, we have the mobile technology that will cut one for you on the spot. On the other hand, we can unlock the doors fast and help retrieve keys in a matter of minutes.

If you are fortunate to drive and own your automobile for a long time, you might experience mechanical issues that require professional assistance. Some of these force you to tow your vehicle while others don’t. An example is Ignition Re-key service needs. Having trouble starting your vehicle? If you are, we can help you. We can get the lock cylinder rekeyed in no time at all.


Another and more common problem for older models is the need for replacement car keys. If this is something that you are grappling with, worry about it no more. You shouldn’t even consider such expensive alternatives like getting one made at your local dealership. Instead, our technicians will make you some cheaply and conveniently.

How would life be like without remotes? This is one technological discovery that has made doing things easier and faster. Particularly for drivers having a remote to conveniently access and secure your vehicle from a distance is nice. But if your transponder key isn’t working because of defective chip or some other mechanical problems, Thornhill Auto Locksmith can help you.

Just like we cut keys on location, we have a lot of remotes that we can easily program for your type of vehicle. For this and other services, we charge only a modest fee that you will find affordable. Do you want to change locks for your auto but don’t think you can afford it? We can do car rekey with a few easy and quick steps. Rekeying is not only cheaper, it is a cost-effective way of securing your Automotive.