Team 24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help

Team 24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help provides also seasonal help, as well as emergency help and contract maintenance help. Call out Team 24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help to find out how to best maintain your doors and locks. Our Team 24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help will answer all questions, all 24/7!

Team 24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help

Team 24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help

Door and lock service is one of our services provided at times when weather changes; can provoke also changes in your doors behavior. Such changes as sticky doors or hard to open doors, are one of our  services available 24/7. So, no matter the time of the day or night you need us, we will come to you in 20 minutes to provide the service needed.

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Doors can start sticking for various reasons, and it’s always a hassle. The wood can swell in the hot and humid summer air, the hinges can become loose with usage; and your house can even shift and settle over time, causing changes in the frame. The key to fixing a sticking door is to determine what is causing the issue; and then you can decide if you can fix the problem with a simple trick or if you need a more intricate solution.

Note the time of year. If the door seems to be only slightly sticking, it is probably caused by changes in humidity. Wood expands when humidity increases, and shrinks when humidity decreases. It is important to understand this; because a door that sticks in the summer may not stick in the winter. In this case, you would try a less drastic solution, such as lightly sanding the door; or else it may be drafty and shrunken come winter.

If the sticking is seasonal, you might want to rub the problem area with bar soap. This should lower the friction and allow the door to close more smoothly. Use a dry, moisturizer-free soap that leaves a powdery residue on the sides of the door. Of course, this is a gentle and temporary solution and will need to be repeated sporadically during times of humidity.

Team 24 Hour Locksmith Waterloo Help is always around to give you a helping hand. Call us 24/7!