Special Locksmith Wellesley

Special Locksmith Wellesley installs, repairs, switches and makes all doors and locks to work better than they were before calling us. Our Special Locksmith Wellesley team makes things safer for your property. Call for our Special Locksmith Wellesley to send a team to help you today!

Special Locksmith Wellesley

Special Locksmith Wellesley

Many families today use their garage door as the main entry point to their home. Often times, we may forget, or take for granted; the 300 independently moving parts and pieced required to safely raise; and lower our garage door. Failure of any of these parts could potentially damage your entire garage door or garage door opener.

Call for the best garage service in the city! Call us 24/7!

Our team has all the knowledge and experience in dealing with all garage door mechanisms. We have mobile units equipped with all needed tools and supplies ; to take care off every single part of the garage door. Our service is provided on the spot, no waiting necessary. 

We will also repair or install the locks, hinges, jambs on the exterior or interior doors. Your property has many doors, and when they need maintenance or repair; our team at  is ready to come and serve you. assistance will come to you as fast as 20 minutes when you call for our help. Call us now! Our Interior and Exterior Door Installation and Repair Services include the following:

  • Door hardware , jamb , frame and hinge repairs
  • Interior Doors – Install and Repair
  • Exterior Doors – Install and Repair
  • Bedroom doors
  • Bathroom doors
  • Closet doors
  • Pantry doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Pet doors
  • Doggie doors
  • French doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Basement doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Garage doors
  • Screen doors

With our 24/7 door services, not much can go wrong. Just had someone slam a door shut so hard that it got completely knocked off its hinges? No worries, call Special Locksmith Wellesley right away. We will give you up front pricing; so no need to wait around for a phone call ;wondering if our reasonably price for door installation and repair services is affordable. Call for our help with any door or lock or key problem.