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Special Locksmith Waterdown is the one who will come to your house, work place or car, and provide a fast and affordable service. Our Special Locksmith Waterdown knows that our job is to provide you a safe lock to your properties. Call Special Locksmith Waterdown for any work you have to do on doors, locks or keys.

Special Locksmith Waterdown

Special Locksmith Waterdown


Locks and deadbolts are a big part in your door. The “lock-in-knob offers you privacy and convenience but it does not offer security from intruders. In fact, many “lock-in-knob” locks can be opened by using a simple credit card. You may have privacy, but you don’t have security.

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The parts of a door are all taken care of by our team on a daily basis, all over the city.  service covers all th locksmith need of a door and its lock. Call for our assistance at all hours of the day or night. Call us 247!

All exterior doors require the use of a deadbolt lock. When you turn the key the locking mechanism slides a strong metal bolt from the door into the door’s frame.     There are two most common types of deadbolts.
Single Cylinder Deadbolts – Have a thumb turn on the interior side. They are convenient to use and may speed up the exit process in the event of fire. If used near a window they can  open by breaking the window and reaching through.

This type of deadbolt lock does not prevent the burglar from taking your property out through the door. 
A Double Cylinder Deadbolts is using keys on both sides.  However, this type of lock does present a potential fire escape hazard. This type of deadbolt lock can delay a burglar that wants to use the door to remove your property from your home.

As many as half of all burglaries take place without force entry. Many times, the burglar uses a key. Be sure your keys don’t fall into the wrong hands. Never carry identification on your key ring or holder.
Re-key all locks when you move into a new house or apartment. Know who has keys to your home. 

If you need our help,  has team all over the city, ready to come and assist you. Call us now! Special Locksmith Waterdown is always here for you!