Special Locksmith Stratford

Special Locksmith Stratford keeps teams on call at all the hours of the day and night, to make sure you get the service you are calling for. Call for our Special Locksmith Stratford to help in any door, lock or key troubles. Our Special Locksmith Stratford is here for you today!

Special Locksmith Stratford

Special Locksmith Stratford

Our mission is simple: to provide you with what you need to solve your problem. When our locksmith arrives, you can be sure that your problem will be given the professional attention that it deserves. Equipped with the latest in doors, key and lock technology, our skilled locksmiths will help you get the service you need.

Call  24/7 for all your door needs – call us now!

Our service can come to you in 20 minutes to help you prepare for the cold season. Our assistance will also let you know about some tips and tricks; to keep your garage door in great condition through the year and the seasons. Call for our support 24/7/365 – we come to you fast and offer an affordable service!

The fluctuating temperatures of fall and crippling, cold temperatures of winter; can wreak havoc on your garage door springs and garage door opener. Schedule your annual garage door tune-up today; and avoid getting left in the cold this winter. With the annual tune-up, our professional overhead door technicians; will perform a general diagnostic service call; starting with the inspection of door sections, track, counterbalance system, hinges, rollers, and external weather seal.

Our technicians will then tighten all bolts and screws, lubricate hinges, rollers, springs; garage door opener sprocket and chain. Then if necessary, we will balance the garage door, adjust garage door opener travel; and safety settings, check down force pressure; of garage door opener and align electronic eyes if applicable for the garage door opener.

While we are there, we will also perform a safety check at no additional charge. In addition to our garage door repair services; we also offer new garage doors (including installation), garage door openers; garage flooring, and garage accessories. Special Locksmith Stratford is always here when you call for our help.