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Ready Locksmith Ayr is your local and also your mobile and fast lock and door help for times when you are looking to install a lock or a door. Inside or outside your property, locks and doors are always a big part of your safety, so call for our Ready Locksmith Ayr to help. Call Ready Locksmith Ayr today!

Ready Locksmith Ayr

Ready Locksmith Ayr

Our  team has a goal, and this is to help prevent break-ins and increase your security. We can always come to your property and inspect all doors, recommending the best action that fits your needs and budget. You can call our team 24/7 and we will be at your door in 15 to 20 minutes.

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If a door isn’t closing properly, and the problem seems to be with the hinge side rather than the latch; you can call us for service. Or, if you are a ‘do it yourself” person, you probably will want to fix it. We are giving you here tips on how to do it with some minor adjustments at the hinges. Sometimes, when doors were not originally hung properly; or have shifted over time, and now are binding when you try to close them; or sagging at the jamb (the part of the door frame that the hinges are screwed into); you need to look at the hinges first.

Depending on the situation, you might have to shim the hinges up, or sink them lower by chiseling. You might have to reset the hinge further back on the jamb; so the hinge pins can turn. Or you might just need to sink some longer screws into the existing holes; to better secure the door. Here are the steps to follow. Stand on the hinge side of the door. Slowly open and close the door to assess what it is doing.

Assess the condition and positions of the hinges; whether they are sitting even with the level of the wood on the jamb; and whether the screws are tight. Shim up the hinge plates by loosening the screws that hold the plate to the jamb; sliding two wood shims under the hinge between the screws; until the plate is the same level as the wood. Screw the plate back down.

Keep in mind that Ready Locksmith Ayr is always on call, and you may call for our help!