Ontario Waterloo Locksmith

Ontario Waterloo Locksmith is the first one to respond fast to any and all of your calls for help, when having lock problems. Our Ontario Waterloo Locksmith can make new car keys, unlock locks or install any lock. Call Ontario Waterloo Locksmith now for help!

Ontario Waterloo Locksmith

Ontario Waterloo Locksmith

Because we create transponder chip keys from our mobile locksmith vans; many car dealers get us to make new keys for their customers; so their clients do not have to pre-order and wait for them to arrive from overseas. This is even more important in the event of a lost transponder key.

Call today for a new key!

Of course, we create keys for older cars as well. No matter what the vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle, boat, airplane ; or the circumstance, we have  the tools and technology to get you in and get you going.

We are specialists in replacement automotive keys, locks, and lock service parts. Our teams supply over 3,000 different lock and key parts; for over 40 different brands of  vehicles. This includes everything from un-coded lock service package;s to complete factory coded lock sets. Because we understand how important your vehicle is to you; we do our part to make sure we have the pieces to solve your problem; without waiting for them to be shipped from some warehouse.

If you are in the auto repair or auto parts business we have an automotive lock product or service ;to make your job more productive.

Transponder keys are standard now on nearly every late model car; to control immobilization with an embedded computer chip. But what do you do when your transponder key stops working or you simply lose it? If you do not want to wait do what the car dealers do and come to us!

We stock a large range of transponder keys and because we have the ability; and knowledge to create transponder keys both; from our outlets and mobile locksmith units; we are a much faster to source than ordering them from overseas. 

Ontario Waterloo Locksmith is always going to come to your help, whenever you call us!