Night 24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton

Night 24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton wants to make sure you and your home are safe and secure and we know how to make it happen, so call us today for help. Call Night 24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton team to provide the best service for your doors and locks. Our Night 24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton will also secure your patio door and any other sliding door. Call us today for help!

Night 24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton

Night 24 Hour Locksmith Hamilton

The sliding door is perhaps the most vulnerable entry point to your home; but it is also one of the easiest and cheapest doors to secure. Our company has locksmith experts ready to come and help you secure your sliding door, patio door and windows; at any time you call us. Call us now!

If a home owner wants to keep their sliding patio door slightly open for ventilation; they will often employ a dowel to keep somebody from opening the door ;further than a few inches.  This is a bad idea.  The reason it is a bad idea is that a thief can stick a coat hanger or other thin device; between the two sliding glass panels and flip the dowel out of the way. 

Call  to find out more about the best patio locks or call us to help you install one.

Now the door slides all the way open.  We did this once when somebody’s deadbolt malfunctioned, locking them out; and the patio door was the only other door into the condo.  It worked like a charm.  Worse yet, there is no sign of forced entry and your insurance company may not pay out if you have insurance for burglary.  We found out that criminals actually figured out this technique for themselves.  To prevent this happening, you should consider installing a patio lock or calling us to install a patio door lock.

You also need to think about having your windows secure. Windows are usually smaller than doors so they flex less.  It may be okay to use a dowel in some windows.  If you have window sash locks you need to consider secondary methods of locking your window; because a lot of the houses have really old windows with wood; that is deteriorating and the small wood screws that hold these window sash locks on; are often barely grabbing onto anything.


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