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Locksmith Waterloo Helping Now is available 24/7 for you if you are looking to replace your locks with digital ones. We see more and more households installing digital locks and Locksmith Waterloo Helping Now has day and night availability to help you. due to its convenience and ease of use. Locksmith Waterloo Helping Now evolves with the digital age and picking up the new skill of opening such electronic locks because digital adoption is accelerating at such tremendous pace.

Locksmith Waterloo Helping Now

Locksmith Waterloo Helping Now


When you are locked out of your house, you would usually look for a locksmith because it is never easy for an untrained person to open the lock. Even a newly trained locksmith may take more time to open a lock than an experienced locksmith. Both experience and skill are important when it comes to opening of locks.

Keep your house secure.

Our first tip will cost a little bit of money, but it’s worth it. Make sure you have a deadlock fitted on your external doors. A deadlock requires a key to rotate the cylinder and it’s quite different from a spring loaded lock which is much less secure. Call ourlocksmith and get this attended too straight away.

Next time you need a new lock installed, ensure your new lock has a restricted key.  This means that your key cannot be easily copied. The keys are effectively patented and can only be copied by an authorized agent of the lock manufacturer.

When you go off on holiday, or are away from home, use timers for security. Set up at least three timers in different rooms of the house to turn on and off lights and a radio throughout the day and evening. This will make it look as though someone’s at home and should help deter burglars.

You can buy small wireless video cameras really cheaply these days, and being wireless, they are really easy to install. They generally have a range of around 30 yards and can transmit an image to your TV or recorder. The fact that they are there will deter many burglars and the will of course allow you to monitor activity around your home

If you store items in the shed (as most of us do) like bikes, lawnmowers and tools, here’s a great tip. Get a chain and padlock and shackle larger items together. 

Locksmith Waterloo has 24/7 service for all your lock and key needs. Call us now!