Locksmith Richmond Hill Locks Help

Locksmith Richmond Hill Locks Help can and will answer questions about how to properly install a lock if you choose to do it yourself. Our Locksmith Richmond Hill Locks Help team is on call 247 so you may call and ask your questions right now. Call for Locksmith Richmond Hill Locks Help at any time during the day or during the night.

Locksmith Richmond Hill Locks Help

Locksmith Richmond Hill Locks Help

We will guide you through the process of a lock installation, in case you would like to go ahead and do it yourself. To begin the process of drilling holes; a few things have to be measured and marked on the door. First, locate where the handle should be placed on the door; and then mark of these points square around the door.

The first hole that will be drilled into the door is the hole for the latch. It is important to find the center of the door edge that coincides with the points you marked across the door; so that you can drill through it with a spade bit. Measure the length of the back of your lock, and mark the corresponding length on the head of the drill bit.  

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Our professional locksmith will have the necessary tools to carry out this lock installation process; and they will know just how to handle all the complicated steps. It is important to measure the length of the set; so that you do not drill too far back into the door.

Once the desired depth for the latch has been obtained, you will need to chisel out the proper shape; so that the lock can fit properly into the door. Chiseling out the desired shape is a pretty easy affair; that involves tracing out the outline of the bolt; and then chiseling around the hole that was bored in with the spade bit.

The same step is to follow to chisel out the plate surrounding the bolt. After you have made the holes for the depth of the latch; you will need to drill the holes that allow you to set up the levers/knobs; on both sides of the door. This is different depending on which type of door handle you decide to go with. For instance, for door knobs, you will need to drill a hole that corresponds to the size of the face plate of the knob; so that it fits in there perfectly. With the lever locks, you have to drill a small hole; that allows the spindle to pass through from one side to the other.

After the holes are drilled and the spindle has been passed through the lock; the next step involves screwing the interior and exterior sections of the lock into the door. Locksmith Richmond Hill Locks Help is always here to help. Remember, we are on call 24/7!