Locksmith Kitchener Reliable Help

Locksmith Kitchener Reliable Help has teams all over the city, ready to come and fix any lock or door or make a new key for you, whenever you call. Call Locksmith Kitchener Reliable Help for a fast lock change or re-key! We are working around the clock to serve you best!

Locksmith Kitchener Reliable Help

Locksmith Kitchener Reliable Help

Re-key a lock is needed when you want to make sure no one else has a key to your home. Many people aren’t aware that changing locks is very different — and more expensive — than re-keying locks. Changing locks involves removing your existing lock hardware and installing brand new locks.

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Home owners who want to switch to a higher security lock system or who have a broken lock that can’t be fixed will need to change locks.

However, if you simply want to make sure old keys can’t work in your lock, all you need is a lock re-key. Our licensed and trained home locksmiths will change the tumblers inside your lock and make you a new set of keys. It’s much faster and less expensive to re-key locks than to change them. Do you know who might have a key to your house? If not, it might be time to re-key your locks.

We can always change the locks and fix them, depending on their state. Some locksmiths will steer you towards higher cost solutions; but our team is committed to providing value and service 24/7. If we can fix a lock rather than replacing it, you can trust us to be honest about it. And when it comes to changing or re-keying locks, we lay out all your options so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Our services are available around the clock, not only 24/7, but also all year long, holidays and weekends included, for your convenience.

When you call us, we come to you in our mobile shops in 20 minutes to help. Call Locksmith Kitchener Reliable Help today to solve your lock problem. Our shops on wheels have everything we need on board.