Locksmith Ingersoll Teams

Locksmith Ingersoll Teams service include lock sales, lock service and lock installation of door locking hardware brands manufactured by leading firms. Call for our Locksmith Ingersoll Teams experts for any lock, with questions or for help. Our Locksmith Ingersoll Teams are all local and knowing the area, they can be with you in less than 20 minutes. Call us now!


Locksmith Ingersoll Teams

Locksmith Ingersoll Teams


Our  locksmiths change locks, provide onsite lock re-keys, as well as lock replacement services.  We are offering commercial locksmith services including the installation of premium quality door hardware. Our team also offers restricted locks with special keys as well as high security locks which cannot be picked open. We are here 24/7 – call us now!

We sell, service and install high security locks, the ultimate in security against lock bumping and forced entry methods. The high security locks allow you to control who has your keys by requiring the use of a signed key authorization card. Any one requesting keys has to provide the key authorization card before we will cut keys.

Call us to make new keys for you!

 Our lock repair services include nearly every type of lock made today. We repair locks and we service and install master key systems using your existing door hardware whenever possible; lowering your total cost to properly secure your premises.

We service special lock systems that provide our customers a means by which you can change your own locks; by removing the existing interchangeable core and replacing it with new cores with your own control key. These systems can be master keyed to your request; allowing you to change your own locks immediately and at a reduced overall cost. We also offer advanced electronic locking systems which allow you to control who has access to your workplace; without the need of a service call fee to your site.

Many electronic access control systems offer the capability of an audit trail ;which allows you to know who gained access to your site at a specific time at as well. Our locksmith services include the installation of door locking hardware. We have locksmiths well versed in building and life safety codes; which affect which type of door hardware you should be using to secure your business. We are only a phone call away – call Locksmith Ingersoll Teams  for all your commercial locksmith problem. Call us 24/7!