Locksmith Bradford Fixing Window Lock Tips

Locksmith Bradford Fixing Window Lock Tips are offered for free to all home owners in order to help keep them safe and secure. Window locks are part of our home security that should be regularly checked to make sure they are well maintained. Locksmith Bradford Fixing Window Lock Tips are coming in handy at any time. If you need more information, details or even help to fix them, call our Locksmith Bradford Fixing Window Lock Tips for service. Call us 24/7!

Locksmith Bradford Fixing Window Lock Tips

Locksmith Bradford Fixing Window Lock Tips

Window Locks should be properly fixed to ensure that they cannot be easily opened. When there is a broken or hanging window lock, it should always be restored back in its proper position. Window locks are mostly found in hardware shops and come with all the parts required for fixing including a key.

To fix the window lock by yourself, you will need tools and advice. Here are some steps you could follow:

Squeeze the unfastened screws using a screw driver. Fix the twisted areas of the lock using pliers to make it firm. You can change the position of the lock if the mounting area has completely fallen off.

Unscrew the screws used to fix the lock on the window using a proper screw driver. The mounting holes are filled with timber putty. Basically, if the window is made of wood, you should wait for the timber putty to dry up. After that, you can smoothen the area using sandpaper till the putty glows with the frame. Window locks can be used to seal the mounting space left if the window being fixed is made of metal.

During the repairing process, rotate the locks clockwise or anticlockwise to seal the previous mounting hole. After you have placed the keeper parts appropriately spot the mounting gap using a pencil. You can do this by cycling where the spot is. Use smaller screws to drill tiny openings for mounting the screws. Place the keeper into the hole and adjust it using the mounting screw.

Carefully place the lock at the base of the keeper. Use a pencil to identify the mounting opening, like before, and then make a bradawl steer for placing the mounting screws. After they are well placed, adjust the thumb locks using the mounting screw till they are firm.

Basically, fixing a window lock is a very easy task. It mostly requires the help of a professional with skills and expertise. But as long as you have the required tools, you can follow the instructions step by step and be able to fix your window lock. If you require assistance call Locksmith Bradford today.