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By: locksmith | Date: March 13, 2015 | Categories: Locks and Locksmithing

If we consider one hundred persons around us, we might only find a couple of them that have saved the contact number of a professional locksmith in their phone book. This is so because the profession of a locksmith is the most unrecognized and taken as gifted type of field. Same is the case with the Locksmith St. Catharines, but after reading this article you are definitely going to be one of those couple of people who have a locksmith in their contact list.

There may be so many predictions about the origin of the locksmith profession but the fact is that in reality you might not find any consensus between any of those predictions. A Canadian author back in early days of 1912 wrote an article about the history of a locksmith. He stated that the history of the locksmith is considered to be as old as of any nation that is in existence.

There is no doubt in the fact that the first thing that was used as a material was wood but on the same time if we see the Greeks and the Egyptians used many other materials also. This gave birth to the word smith; which means the person who is dealing in some sort of metals. The invention of locks in a metallically fabricated form was the start of the locksmith profession. In the very beginning the job of a locksmith included making of locks and keys but the job of today’s Locksmith St. Catharines highly expanded to cover so many other tasks including the installation of monitoring system in commercial premises.

Initially the locks were so simple that they were based on slides or simple draw bars. These were designed inside the inner position of window or door so that they could move into the hole that was specially designed within the frame of the doors or windows. On the other hand when we see a lock being used today, it is entirely different from those earlier locks because they are so much sophistically designed using high level of technology and different strong metals in the making of these locks. The designing of such complicated locks and stronger vaults have mainly been due to the increased requirement of security for persons, information, privacy of individuals and valuable items. Installation of master key system has also been an addition to the system so that more comfort could be provided to the users of locksmith services.

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