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Lock Smiths Stratford have everything to serve you fast and with affordable prices, coming to you in 15 to 20 minutes, with our mobile shops. Having a mobile shop makes sure we have everything on board to give you the best service for locks and doors. Call for our Lock Smiths Stratford service right now!

Lock Smiths Stratford

Lock Smiths Stratford

You want to stop carrying around little chunks of metals to unlock your door? Are you wondering why locks come so highly regarded? Are you looking for an honest smart lock service? Well, you are at the right place.

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The idea of using smart lock has been around for quite some time. Deadbolt locks offer more than just security. They have affordable price and embraces the latest technology. A deadbolt means that potential intruders might not have an idea; that your house has smart lock. In addition, it blends in with any door design and comes with three different finishes – bronze, brass and nickel.

Some of these new deadbolt locks come with a multi-color LED indicator ring; which surrounds the lock signals. When off, you won’t realize it’s there. However, when illuminated, it lets you know what the lock is up to. For instance, it blinks blue when verifying connection to your phone. Pinkish purple when signal is too low, green when successfully activated and red if the lock fails to close.

There are also smart deadbolts compatible with your smart phone. They come with a mobile app which allows the user to receive notifications and manage e-Keys on-the-go. The app allows you to see who is coming and going from your smart phone.

Its unique calibration prevents your door from being open by the wrong users when your device is inside the house.  For instance, it recognizes your phone’s Bluetooth signature and unlocks with a touch. The one-touch feature works well when locking and unlocking the day. In case the smart features malfunction, you can always use a key to unlock the door.

Smart Technology  is one of the biggest advantage of using smart deadbolts. For instance, the e-Key fobs cannot have a copy; without the owner’s permission hence no one can duplicate and gain access to your property. In addition, its calibration routine enables the lock ;to figure out when you are inside the house hence what’s outside remains outside. Lock Smiths Stratford is at your service at all times.