Key Emergency Locksmith Kitchener

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Key Emergency Locksmith Kitchener

Key Emergency Locksmith Kitchener

Having a master key is a great investment. The benefits of having a master key are pretty obvious; to reduce the number of keys that are intended to open several doors; and to eliminate the struggle of opening multiple doors if you want to go to a particular area. A master key is also a necessity in case of an emergency.

Before you get a master key system, you need to know first on the components of the lock cylinder and its key. The master key lock has a third pin, while a lock mechanism only has two – the top and the bottom. A key has a jagged edge that contains different notches. These notches match corresponding pins in the cylinder.

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A master key must be placed in an area that is easy to find; but it should not be positioned in a way that it’s obvious to those that do not know of it. Only those that you can trust must know the hiding place of the master key. Your properties, and even your lives are at risk if the master key is in the wrong hands. There’s an added responsibility when you have a master key, so make sure to safeguard it from others.

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