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Guelph Locksmith Unit has a fast arrival time at your place, taking about 15 to 20 minutes from your call for help with any door or lock. Being in the city all 24/7, our Guelph Locksmith Unit will help you solve any door and lock problem.

Guelph Locksmith Unit

Guelph Locksmith Unit

Having door damage it is a problem that you have to fix before it gets worse.  If you decide you want to do it by yourself, we will give you some tips to replace a sliding shower door.

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With a sliding shower door replacement you will need to start by removing the old door. Step inside the shower and close the door. Grasp the interior sliding door at the sides and lift it gently upward; then push the top away from you. Doing so will release the top of the door from the track. While keeping a firm hold on the door, lower it and push the bottom outward; to release it from the lower track. Rest it against the bathroom wall. Use the same procedure for the exterior shower door; working from outside the shower. If the door is too heavy for you, call us to help. We come fast and our job is affordable priced. Be safe, this is the most important thing.

Use your knife to cut the caulking from the shower frame at the sides and bottom. The top of the frame is secure to the sides by screws. Loosen and remove them, then lift the top rail from the frame. The side rails are held in place by retaining screws. Loosen and remove them, then pull the side rails away from the wall. The bottom rail will lift freely from the enclosure. Use your utility knife to remove any remaining caulk.

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Cut the new side rails to the correct size. Clean away any metal shavings; and set the bottom rail in place, centering it on the enclosure. Tape it into place so that it cannot move. Place a side rail on the bottom rail. Use your level to ensure that the side rail is straight. Mark the screw holes on the side wall of the enclosure. Repeat for the other side rail. Drill holes in the enclosure where you have made your mark and insert the anchors. Start by putting the rubber stop; over a screw and tightening it in the center of the side rail. Repeat this step on the other side bar. Place the top rail over the side rails and secure it into place with screws on each end.

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