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By: locksmith | Date: March 9, 2015 | Categories: Garage Door Repair

Think garage doors don’t do much besides keep your car and tools locked up? Think again—these overhead doors take up a massive amount of real estate, which means they can add style and personal touches to your home or business. Take a look down the street. Does every other house or building look the same? Stand out with a customized garage door that’s gorgeous and comes in a number of colors and finishes.

That’s just one of many things your garage door can do for you. Whether you’re shopping for an overhead door for your home or business, it’s worthwhile to consider everything these investments can provide.

  1. A big selling point

Are you thinking about selling your home in the future or have you already started the process? Garage doors are the ultimate in curb appeal, rivaling a beautifully landscaped lawn. But they’re not just curb appeal—a quality door improves the security of your home, which is something every buyer wants. In fact, a secure door can up the asking price by up to four percent, according to a study conducted by Garage Door Repair Bolton. The housing market is tough, so you need all the help you can get.

  1. Don’t get your house blown down

Life in your community can be fantastic, but strong winds, hail and that winter snow can do a real number to your garage doors. Wind experts have noted the importance of garage doors when it comes to home protection. In particularly windy areas, such as Tornado Alley, code-approved garage doors are even mandated. Protect your property from the Big Bad Wolf in all his forms, including those gusty winter winds.

  1. Save the environment and lower your energy bills

You can lose a lot of heat through the garage, but insulation is a great perk that comes with premier garage doors. In both winter and summer, it’s easy to watch those energy bills sky rocket. Choose the right garage door and you can even score a tax break from the IRS. Certain garage doors, which are properly insulated, are considered a green addition.

  1. Power on

Don’t keep a collection of candles on hand for power outages? You might be in the clear, since the Perfect Home Survey has revealed that the battery backup of automatic garages keeps the doors powered up during a blackout. That means your car’s not trapped, and waiting out the outage at your friend’s house is possible.

  1. Built-in security

Leaving a garage door open is an invitation to burglars, but modern garage doors have openers that are attached to in-home monitors. If you accidentally leave the door open for too long, you’ll be alerted. This is especially helpful if you have kids or teens in the house who seem to be allergic to closing doors and keeping the family abode secure.

Garage Door Repair Bolton can even replace your front door—71 percent of people use their garage door almost exclusively to access their home. And why not? Now that a light fingertip touch is enough to operate it, who wants to juggle a heavy keychain and deal with deadbolts? Your garage door is the new entryway to your castle.

Garage Door Repair Bolton