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Everyday Waterloo Locksmith

Everyday Waterloo Locksmith

New door and lock  installations gave different prices, depending on the requirements of the project. Replacement hardware can be simple if modifications to the door are not required; but making repairs or adjustments to install a different type of latch or hinge may complicate the project; and require more time that a direct swap or new installation.

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The specific requirements of your project will determine its cost. Properly installation of door hardware can improve the appearance and function of any door; whether to latch an interior door or keep an entry door secure and weather tight. We can help you determine how the condition of your existing door and the features; of your new hardware will contribute to the cost of installation.

The locks you choose for your home need to be strong and secure enough to keep intruders; from gaining access to your house. The front door bolt is often the first line of defense to keep your home safe. Dead bolts vary in size, style and materials; making some locks stronger and more effective than other locks. You have a variety of options when you are choosing a front door bolt. Armed with information about front door bolt installation; you will be ready to install the deadbolt you need to keep your family and home safe. 

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Dead bolt locks provide extra security over standard lock sets; and are installed in much the same manner as door knobs and other latches. Since dead bolts are installed independently of a latch though; your door and jamb must be drilled and chiseled to accept the lock, bolt, and plates. You have to choose the highest quality you can afford in a dead bolt; to provide the most security and protection for your family and home.

Grade 1 dead bolts are the highest quality available or residential use. If you want to stop intruders cold, a vertical deadbolt will do this task. With a vertical deadbolt, you will have two vertical bolts instead of the one horizontal bolt. The vertical bolts fit into a special strike to secure the door to the door jamb. Although our professional will be able to by-pass a vertical deadbolt; most small-time burglars will not even try to mess with them. Check the dimensions of the lock against the door and the door jamb to make sure the lock will fit on your door.  

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