24 Hour Locksmith Oakville Support

24 Hour Locksmith Oakville Support offers key, lock and door help around the clock, for any kind of property you have. We serve cars, houses, buildings and everything that has a door and a lock. Call for our fast 24 Hour Locksmith Oakville Support to your help today!

24 Hour Locksmith Oakville Support

24 Hour Locksmith Oakville Support

Most keys, even brass and nickel-plated keys, will eventually wear out; and break along any of a key’s cuts. But some conditions will speed up the process and you will have no key. When this happens, call us for help.

We are here to serve all your door, locks or key problems, all of the 24/7!

The key has one or more deep cuts which become the “weak point” of the key. After so much use (or just a little abuse) the key will break at these points. Having a deep cut as the first cut (next to the head of the key) can be real trouble; but a deep cut in the middle of the key can cause big problems too;

The key is made of a light-weight material not suitable for everyday use. Keys cut on aluminum blanks are a prime example. They will also break at a deep-cut “weak point” only sooner. Identified by their light weight and either grey in color; or sometimes bright colors such as red, green, blue or gold.

We locksmiths have a variety of tools for removing broken keys from locks. One of the more common tools we use is made of springy steel . There is a small tapered barb at the end of this tool that will dig or “bite”; into the broken key piece so the piece can be pulled out.

It is not absolutely necessary to invest in a broken key extractor tool. As long as the tool you use is made of sturdy metal, is narrow enough to enter the key way; and has a barb to grab on to the broken key you will likely be successful. A scroll saw or jig saw blade should do the trick.

In any event of a broken key, it is best to call for our 24 Hour Locksmith Oakville Support help, to make sure you can use the lock again. We will also make you a new key. Call us now for help!