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Understanding Your Options for Upgrading Mechanical Locks – 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge
As criminals become smarter, the various mechanisms used to safeguard buildings must be upgraded from time to time. Furthermore, aging hardware must also be replaced due to the threat that wear and tear poses to the safety of industrial and commercial buildings.
Understanding the process of replacing your old locks ensures that your business can stay secure while keeping time required for the installation of new locks to an absolute minimum.
Below is a very brief look at some of the lock replacement options available to you in the Cambridge area.

Additional Lock Functions – 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge
While you can generally expedite replacement of your old locks by choosing locks from the same manufacturer, you may want to first consider the variety of features available to you when upgrading your locks.
Most of the functions available are meant to fulfill special needs of unique situations. Locks that have a heightened degree of vandal resistance and locks designed for use in school environments are just two examples of the extra functions that locks can have.
These functions tend to conform to ANSI standards, which allows a comparison between the various locks available.

Cylindrical Lock Replacement – 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge
24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge – While cylindrical locks are some of the most common types of locks, there are still a number of considerations that must be made when replacing a cylindrical lock.

1. How much door preparation is required? 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge
Most cylindrical locks locate their bolts at the 12 or 6 o’clock position that utilizes a 5/16” to 3/8” diameter cross bore, but different 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridgemanufacturers may have a different setup. Some even allow more modular design that allows for the bore to be adjusted to match existing door prep work.

2. How do lock cylinder dimensions in the exterior lever compare?
The diameter of lock cylinders tend to be unique to the manufacturers’ master-key system. Competitive key-way replacement lock cylinders may be available from certain manufacturers, while other manufactures may provide interchangeable exterior levers for the sole purpose of matching equipment lock cylinders of other manufacturers.

3. How well does the diameter of the rose match?
If the upgraded rose of a lock is smaller than the rose from the previous lock, then you may need to add paint or a finish ring to your door to make the lock both secure and aesthetically pleasing.
It’s worth noting that this is not a problem when upgrading from a knob lock to a lever cylindrical lock, as most knob locks have lock roses that are significantly smaller than those used in most current cylindrical locks.

Mechanical Push button Locks – 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge
Push-button locks off an alternative way to unlock a door. They offer this advantage while being of about the same difficulty to install as a keyed lock.
Most push-button locks use a 3- to 10-digit code to enable a greater degree of secure keys that can be memorized for use. Many push button locks are ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 or 2 certified, and offer the option to use a key as an override to the code if something goes wrong.
Cylindrical locks can be upgraded using a solenoid or a motor to make a lock change states when the keypad is used. The option for request-to-exit output is also available with some push-button locks.

Understanding Similar Lock Replacement Options – 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge
Other options that haven’t expressly been covered are available when replacing a lock, but most considerations for these types of replacements are similar to the considerations already mentioned.
For example, mortise locks carry many considerations similar to cylindrical locks.
When replacing your locks, it’s wise to have your local 24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge go over the options for functions and lock replacement that you have available to you. New exit devices, electronic control system integration, and even locks that use standalone electro-mechanical features to create a stronger security environment exist.

24 Hour Locksmith Cambridge– To this end, it’s vital that you choose a lock replacement that works best with your facility. This will give you the largest degree of security while deterring malicious individuals from trying to vandalize your commercial or industrial business.